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Mrs. Winifred Middleton née Guyatt — 


Winifred Guyatt
Winifred Guyatt



First Name:


Last Name:


Father:  Frederick Thomas Guyatt

Mother:  Helena Maria Horning

Born:       23 Jul 1894

at: Thruxton, Hampshire, England

Died:     08 Mar 1938

at: Gillingham, Kent, England

Profession: Business Woman

Worked at: Family business

Winifred Guyatt has 4 children listed here:  Eva Winifred Middleton  • Leonard Walter Middleton  • Robert Charles Middleton  • Roma Eleanor Middleton 

Married once 
   Walter Washington Middleton  at: Greenwich, England on 07 Jul 1916


It is believed the surname Guyatt is French in origin and the Guyatts migrated to the Hampshire area sometime after the Norman Conquest. Winifred was born in Thruxton, a pretty village with many thatched houses and a delightful church. Four generations of her ancestors lived in the village or surrounding area. Frederick Guyatt, Winifred’s father moved from the area when he joined the army, and while he was stationed in Kent he met and married Helena. After Fredrick left the army the family moved to Kent. Winifred and Walter met when they were engaged on war work in the First World War

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