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Mr. William Henry Westcott — 




First Name:


Middle Names:


Last Name:


Father:  Lemuel Allingham Westcott

Mother:  Emily Upton

Born:       Jun Q. 1865

at: Mitcham, Croyden, Surrey, England

Died:     circa 1936

at: Grimsby, England

Profession: Lithographic Artist, Missionary

William Henry Westcott has no children listed here.

Married Adah Pudney at: Leeds, England on Jun Q. 1900



"We are indebted to Fiona Schneider, who provided additional evidence about the Westcotts, and their work in the Congo." William Henry Westcott, born Jun Q., 1865, Mitcham -Croydon, married Adah Pudney, June Q 1900, Leeds;he died in 1936, Grimsby

William Henry Westcott, along with his brother Samuel Upton were pioneer missionaries in the Belgian Congo, at Inkongo, a remote area where there was no written language. Plagued by malaria, William and his team undertook the formidable task of writing a grammar. while trying to learn the language from a people who knew no other language, at the same time as providing medical help and giving lessons in reading and writing, something quite new to them,alongside their pastoral work.. In 1900, the brothers came back to England, and both were married, and returned, with their wives to Inkongo. Their experience enabled them to translate, first the New Testament and eventually the whole Bible, which was achieved in 1932 . William Westcott had retired in 1916,, but lived to see this important achievement before he died in 1936 at Grimsby. Lemuel Allingham Westcott died Sep Q.,1909, Leeds. Edith Westcott and her child, died of Malaria and blackwater fever, Inkongo, 1907.Upton started to lose his sight about 1915, and married Mary Visick in 1919, by which time he was totally blind. He continued until 1926, when he returned to England for an operation.After a short stay for recuperation, he returned to Inkongo and died at Lusambo, 1929.

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