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Mr. William England II— 




First Name:


Last Name:




Father:  William England I

Mother:  Mary Fowler

Bapt:       06 Jul 1777

at: Uplyme, Devon, England

Died:     04 Apr 1831

William England II has 4 children listed here:   • George England  • Louisa England  • Mary Ann England  • Ophelia Jane England 

Married Ann Stanton at: Lyme Regis, West Dorset, England on 10 Aug 1803



Aug 10, 1803: William England married Ann Stanton, Lyme Regis. ( not 1802). They had a son and three daughters, though a detail of the first, and prominent one, Louisa, have escaped. Her birth and baptism have been searched for by many, without success, but her life is well accounted for.

William England died quite young, April 4, 1831 and his wife Ann married Edward Ensor. It gets interesting but convoluted! William, chr July 6,1777, was the son, with many siblings, of William England and Mary, née Fowler, who lived in Uplyme a small village hard by Lyme Regis, but which is in Devon. The Fowler family were there from the early 16c. The only records are held by Exeter Record Office.

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