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Mr. Walter Rees Swain BSc— 


Walter Rees Swain
Walter Rees Swain



First Name:


Middle Names:


Last Name:




Father:  George Anning Swain I

Mother:  Eliza King

Born:       17 Sep 1860

at: Park Rd Place, Islington, England

Died:     08 Oct 1915

at: Leeds, England

Profession: Inspector in the Board of Education

Walter Rees Swain has 2 children listed here:   • Edith Gwendolyn Swain  • Ella Margaret Swain 

Married Alice Anning at: Leeds, England on 03 Sep 1885



The above images were cropped from a picture of Walter with his wife and daughter to be seen on his daughter's page.

Walter (without hat) with UNIC taxi in 1908
Walter (without hat) with UNIC taxi in 1908

Walter Rees Swain. Born Dec Q., 1860 Clerkenwell. Father, George Anning Swain, who married, mother, Eliza King,Sep Q., 1854, Clerkenwell. ( There was more than one George Annings, but this one was indeed, born Nov 1826, son of John Swain) John Swain was Walter's Grandfather. Walter and his wife had two daughters, Ella Margaret Rees Swain, b. Mar 18, 1889 and died Sep 1976, being buried in the Anglican Churchyard in Tangier. Also Edith Gwendolyn Rees Swain. b.Aug 20, 1897, Brentford. She died April 1984. 1885 September,Alice Mary Anning married walter Swain in Leeds

Walter Rees Swain, BSc was an Inspector in the Board of Education. He was born Sep 17, Park rd Place,Islington, son of George Anning Swain,a Merchant's Clerk.On Sep 3,1885, Walter, a Museum Assistant; married Alice Mary Anning in Leeds. Parents are shown as george Anning Swain, Accountant, and John Bond Anning, Woollen Agent.

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