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Mr. Frank Arnold Middleton — 


Jan & Frank at the US Open in 2006
Jan & Frank at the US Open in 2006



First Name:


Middle Names:


Last Name:


Father:  Hugh Middleton

Mother:  Esther Lodewijkx

Education: UKC,NYU

Website: Apogeect

Email: f.middleton@apogeect.com

Domiciled at: Mendham, NJ, USA

Profession: Computer Consultant

Worked at: Mendham, NJ, (973 796 2754)

Frank Arnold Middleton has no children listed here.

Married Jan at: New York, USA on 28 Jan 1975

Brief Bio

Moved to the USA in the '70s, lived in Manhattan for a while, married Jan, moved to Roosevelt Island, got a Master's in Computer Science at the Courant Institute of Mathematics (NYU), moved to New Jersey and commuted to the city for a while, most recently by ferry. Customers included Citibank, Deloitte & Touche, and Johnson and Johnson. Semi retired in 2002, we are thinking of moving to warmer climes although replicating our home will not be easy!. Hobbies include building websites like this, and designing and building projects with embedded microprocessors.

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