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Welcome to the Wiki that explores one particular Family Tree and the genealogical and literary connections between the Middleton and St John families [1]. If you'd like to subscribe to our mailing list, click on the envelope icon or send mail. To become a Wiki contributer, please send an email to any of the Wiki editors or simply send an email to the list.   View the FAQ page for navigation tips. We welcome corrections and additions that help keep this the source of record for all the people documented here (your surname doesn't have to be Middleton or St John!), so feel free to contact us - there are no fees and no advertising!

CSM's tree


This site is dedicated to the memory of Hugh and Essy Middleton and their antecedents, without whom it would never have existed, and to all the hard work and dedication provided by the contributers that makes this the place of record for these Middletons and St.Johns.

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Family tree for George Arnold Haynes Middleton

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Saffory Middleton Barbara Middleton Francis Haynes Ann Haynes
Saffory [W]Barbara [W]Francis [W]Ann [W]
Charles Sharp Middleton Amy Ann Middleton
Charles [W] Amy [W]
George Arnold Haynes MiddletonWalter Washington Houghton MiddletonCharles Sharp MiddletonClara Rose Erin WatkinsMortimor Hugh MiddletonHorace Sydney MiddletonNellie Edith Curtis MellershGerald Massey S MiddletonGerald Massey Haynes MiddletonAmy Helen Cornelia Middleton
George [W]Walter [W]Charles [W]Clara [W]Mortimor [W]Horace [W]Nellie [W]Gerald [W]Gerald [W]Amy [W]
Hugh Haynes Bailey S Middleton Mary M. A. Middleton Gabrielle B S Backhurst Joan E R Middleton Alice Pauline Safroni Middleton
Hugh [W] Mary [W]Gabrielle [W]Joan [W]Alice [W]
Frank Arnold Middleton Michael Hugh Middleton Margaret Backhurst
Frank [W]Michael [W] Margaret [W]

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  1. United, for example, by Arnold Safroni Middleton and his wife Alice Eliza St.John
  2. Wikipedia has a page for Brasted Chart which has a URL to http://www.brastedchart.co.uk, which is a real website, but you'll get two garbage web pages as well unless you have "popup ads" blocked

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