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Mr. Lewis John III— 




First Name:


Last Name:




Father:  Gelly John I

Mother:  Catherine Gronow

Bapt:       21 Feb 1675

at: Laugharne, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Died:     ?

Profession: fisherman

Lewis John III has 8 children listed here:   • Catherine John  • Gelly John II  • Gelly John III  • Hannah John I  • John John  • Mark John I  • Matthew John I  • Susannah John I 

Married Hester Reece at: Laugharne, Carmarthenshire, Wales on circa 1697



A long session at the Record Office confirmed the family line, shown in the next section, together with exact dates, which were not formerly noted, back to Lewis John, Feb.21, 1675. Lewis married Hester Reece, b.Mar. 26, 1676. There is no record of their marriage, ca 1697, but their eight children are clearly documented. From this time, the normal "English" style is used, with a continuing surname, Unfortunately, before this, the Welsh patronymic nomenclature creates all sorts of difficulties. Though Lewis John is shown as the son of Gelly and Catherine, there is no sign of a Gelly John, but there is a marriage of Gelly Mayo to Catherine Gronow, on Nov 1, 1640. In spite of being assured by the Record Office staff that this was perfectly normal, the gap of 35 years leaves me with serious doubts. I have therefore refrained from stating the exact relationship, before the birth of Lewis in 1675.

Gelly Mayo andCatherine were married in 1640, and we assume that Catherine was about 20. The marriage and dates are authentic! Then Lewis John was born in 1675, son of Catherine and Gelly, another fact!. But as Catherine would have been ca 55,when Lewis was born, I suggest it is pure speculation to say that Lewis was the son of Gelly Mayo and Catherine Gronow. I class it as faintly possible, but highly improbable, especially as there are no other children in the first 35 years of their married life.

Lewis III was said to be a fisherman but thereafter, there are many blacksmiths in the family. His son, Gelly III, b.1708, was a smith, as was Matthew, Gelly's son. Matthew had two sons, David. b. 1782, and Richard, b. 1784, both smiths. David John, described by the Dictionary of Welsh Biography as a Unitarian Minister and Chartist, had two sons, Matthew, and David, both smiths, whilst Richard John had a large family including John, his eldest, Matthew and Richard, all three working as smiths. Finally John John moved to the Ivy Bush at Llandebie, where two of his young sons, were working with him as blacksmiths, until 1880, when their father died. This family tradition lasted over five generations, and well over 150 years.

Lewis John III, Feb 21,1675 , son of Gelly and Catherine. Lewis married, ca 1696, Hester, b. Mar 26, 1676, dau. of William and Rose Reece. This is Gelly I, but I am not totally convinced. The dates. until almost 1800, are baptisms rather than births, as these are church records

They had a family:

Catherine, Dec 12 1698
Susannah Sep 15 1705
Gelly II Feb 8, 1701 died as infant
Gelly III, smith, Aug 4, 1708 -1789 = Dinah Hood, m. Oct 2,1739.
Matthew Nov 11 1702 = Elizabeth Crocker, Nov 9 1728
Mark (twin) Nov 11 1702
John Aug 5, 1711
Hannah May 28, 1714,.

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