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Rev. John Westcott — 




First Name:


Last Name:


Father:  Unknown

Mother:  Unknown

Born:       circa 1808

at: Surrey, England

Died:     ca Dec 1848

at: East Grinstead, England

Domiciled at: Outwood, Surrey

John Westcott has 7 children listed here:  Caleb Westcott  • Emily Sarah Westcott  • Frances Elizabeth Westcott  • Hannah Westcott  • Lemuel Allingham Westcott  • Naomi Jane Westcott  • Walter Westcott 

Married Hannah Allingham on 27 Aug 1828



I am indebted to Fiona Schneider, who provided additional evidence about the Westcotts, and their work in the Congo.

The Rev. John Westcott was born in Surrey, ca 1808. He is referred to as being of Outwood, Surrey. He died in Dec 1848, East Grinstead. He married Hannah Allingham, Aug 27, 1828 ; she was born ca 1806, in Surrey, and died Sep Q., 1892, Reigate, Surrey They had seven children:

Lemuel Allingham Westcott, born Aug 29,1829, Lingfield, Surrey. The registration centre was East Grinstead; births at Lingfield
Naomi Jane Westcott, born Jan 29, 1831, Lingfield., died Mar Q., 1886, East Grinstead
Hannah Westcott, born Feb 3, 1833, Lingfield., died Dec 1848, East Grinstead
Caleb Westcott, born Apr 22, 1837, Lingfield, died Mar Q.,1892, Greenwich
Walter Westcott, born Jun Q., 1839, East Grinstead, died Sep Q.,1881, Peterborough.
Frances Elizabeth Westcott, born Mar Q., 1844, East Grinstead, m. John Ridley, Jul 14,1880, Reigate
Emily Sarah Westcott, born Sep Q.,1848, East Grinstead, m.Alfred Henry Boorer,Sep Q., 1881, Chiddingfold, Surrey

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