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Mr. John Peach I— 




First Name:


Last Name:




Father:  Unknown

Mother:  Unknown

Born:       ?

Died:     ?

John Peach I has 7 children listed here:  Ann Peach  • Henry Peach  • Jane Peach I  • Jenny Peach  • John Peach II  • Mary Peach I  • Robert Peach I 

Married Anne Guppy on ?



Robert Peach married,Jan 18, 1804, Bea. Elizabeth Matthews (extra family name pointing to her mother Jane Matthews) Paul, the sister of John Paul who married,Sep 13,1803 Bea.Ann Peach.

So both Robert and Anne were brother and sister,children of John Peach I and Anne Guppy. who married sister and brother Elizabeth and John, children of John Paul and Jane Matthews. So far, so good, a double marriage between the Pauls and the Peaches; John Peach II is also definitely Robert's brother. John married Jane Prouten,

Birth dates, John Paul;b. ca 1780, Beaminster. Elizabeth Matthews Paul, chr. Jun 18, 1783, Bea. Mary Paul,chr., Jan 30, 1789,ea. John Peach I and Ann Guppy had children: Jenny Peach, chr. Jun 5, 1768, Rampisham, Dorset, Jane Peach, chr.April 8, 1770, Henry Peach, chr Jan 5, 1773, Robert Peach,chr. Aug1,1775,Mary Peach,b. ,ca 1777, and John Peach,chr, Oct 17, 1779, Corscombe Dorset.

From my point of view, the first two marriages fit nicely. The problem comes that John and Jane Paul, had a child, Mary, who married William Peach. Mary was Chr. Jan 30, 1789, Beaminster, but married William Dec 30, 1808, East Coker, right on the borders of Dorset and Somerset. East Coker is just in Somerset, where my Gt Grandmother, Jane Paul was born in 1839. She was the daughter of Thomas Paul and Mary Dommett, who had 13 children. .

Here is what I have of this William Peach who apparently does not belong to the same Peach family:

William Peach, of East Coker, married Mary Paul, Spinster,of East Coker Dec 30, 1808, a dau. Jane was born,May 14,1810 and baot. Oct18, 1812. Mar 1818, William Senr, a baker, of East Coker, had a son William baptised there. Mary, née Paul died Sep 18,1855, Children Anna, Jane, John, Mary Ann and William.

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