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Mr John Francis Blee — 




First Name:


Middle Names:


Last Name:


Father:  Thomas Blee IV

Mother:  Mary Ann Wills

Born:       Dec Q. 1864

at: Devonport, England

Died:     27 May 1915

at: Sheerness, England

Worked at: HM Dockyard

John Francis Blee has 8 children listed here:  Ada Frances Blee  • Albert John Blee  • Arthur James Blee  • Ellen Elizabeth Blee  • Ethel Mary Blee  • Florence Louise Blee  • Mabel Caroline Blee  • William Harold Blee 

Married Elizabeth Caroline Lee at: Minster, Kent, England on 27 Jul 1889



Born Dec Q 1864 Devonport reg.district Stoke D Vol.5b Page 303.

John was working on the newly converted minelayer HMS Princess Irene when the ship exploded. There was only one survivor out of the crew,other navel personnel, and dockyard workers numbering in all some 377 men. The cause of the explosion is believed to have occurred while the mines were being prepared for laying; the ship was due to sail on her maiden mission in a few days time.

The body of John together with many of his comrades was never found. His name is commemorated on the Isle of Sheppey war memorial also on the Naval Memorial,Great Lines, Chatham.

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