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Mr. James Anning I— 




First Name:


Last Name:




Father:  William Anning I

Mother:  Mary Kerswell

Born:       ?

Bapt:       03 Jun 1772

at: All Saints, Kenton, England

Died:     20 Nov 1808

at: Kenton, England

Buried:   28 Nov 1808

at: Kenton, Kenton, England

James Anning I has 3 children listed here:  James Anning II  • John Miles Anning  • Mary Anning 

Married Susannah Miles on circa 1802



James Anning I was christened Jun 3, 1772, the twelfth child of William Anning a nd Mary Kerswill. James married Susannah Miles?, ca 1802: she was born ca1780. James I died Nov 20, and was buried Nov 28, 1808, at Kenton. James and Susannah had three children:

The Bond family of Combeflorey, Somerset

This family, with its links with the Annings, presents particular difficulties, using normal procedures. Fortunately, as a result of making contact with a living descendant in Australia, it has been possible, using anecdotal information and family tradition, to provide some interesting background. The prime crucial evidence is the certificate of marriage of James Anning, 34,yeoman, and Elizabeth Bond, 27, both residing at Combeflorey, Somerset, in the Parish Church of Combeflorey. on Nov 29, 1838. The fathers are shown as James Anning and John Bond, both yeomen. One of the witnesses was Ann Bond. Further detail is available from the 1851 census, where Elizabeth Anning,39, is listed, born Hillfarrance. There is little supporting evidence as to exact dates, but according to a notice in an Australian newspaper, in 1905. Martha and John Jeffrey Helliar were celebrating their Golden Wedding anniversary. Martha was said to be the youngest daughter of John Bond of Combe Farm, Combe Florey. She married John Jeffrey, Aug 11, 1855, in Victoria, and lived in Avoca.

John Bond, of Heathfield, married Joan Lee, Apr 16, 1807 in Hillfarrance., by licence, The witnesses were Edward England and Elizabeth Mary Jane Bond. A Joan Lee was born ca 1784, Hillfarrance, and a John Bond, was christened, 29 Aug, 1781, with siblings Edward. Jun 16, 1779, William, Oct 26,1784, and Jane, Feb13, 1787, at St John the Baptist, Heathfield, all children of Edward and Jane Bond. The IGI offers an Edward Bond, bapt. in 1749, at Milverton, who married Jane Chappell Sep 11, 1772 , in Pitminster: both are in close proximity to Hillfarrance, Oake and Heathfield. Jane Chappell was born. n Pitminster, ca 1751. Family tradition suggests that John and Joan Bond had at least four children: the registers have now revealed a total of six.The eldest was said to have married an Anning, which points directly at Elizabeth, who married James Anning. Her baptism has at last been found, April 12, 1812. at Hillfarrance, daughter of John Bond and Joan, along with two siblings, Jane Bond. June 24, 1807, and John Bond, May 29 1809: nothing further has been found of these two latter, and they may well have died in infancy.

The second child was said to have married a male MORSE: Peter Morse married Ann Bond, at Taunton, in the March quarter of 1842. In 1841, the Combeflorey census shows Ann, aged 25 (25-29), with her mother Joan, 60, and brother William, 20. But the 1881 census finds Ann, a widow, 60, born Hillfarrance, with her three children, Ursula, 32, James, 30 and Annie, 28. This implies that Ann was born ca 1821, and that the children were born 1848 to 1852, although the family history gives their births as starting in 1843, a year after their parents’ marriage. Thankfully this confusion has been clarified by the data in the 1851 census. Peter Morse is shown as Head of the household, aged 41, with his wife Ann, 37, and children, Ursulla(sic), 8, James, 6, Ann 4, all three born at Skilgate, and living at Lower Gambling, Tiverton. Ann is stated to have been born at Oake, close to Hillfarrance, and it seems that she was probably born 1813-4, after Elizabeth’s birth in 1812. Her three children, were born as indicated in the family history, ca 1843, 1845 and 1847. John and Joan Bond later had two more children, at Combeflorey, William, born Dec 10. 1818. chr.. July 26, 1821, and Martha, born Dec 25, 1822 and chr.. Jan 22, 1823.. Martha married John Jeffrey HELLIAR , Aug 11, 1855, in Australia, where her family can be traced to the present day. Martha Bond was buried in July 1909.

In 1841,Joan Bond, 60, is in Combe Florey , with William,20, and Ann, 25. William Bond Snr, 55,.is shown with his wife Sarah, 55, née Dyer. married Apr 8,1811, Bishop’s Lydiard, with a son,Thomas,30, and presumably a wife and child, Mary,25, and William 5.

Edward Bond, born in 1779, married Joan Richards, in Heathfield, Apr 29, 1806. A John Bond, of Bishop’s Lydiard, made a will on Nov 3, 1807, and Edward and William, his brothers, are shown as having taken oaths before the judge, when it was proved on Sep 19, 1810.

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