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Help:New person how to

This page was written by the person who wrote the program, and hence doesn't know what the reader doesn't know. Clarifications would be much appreciated - feel free to edit this page for the benefit of the next new user! Please note that the system is case sensitive so please make sure you capitalize consistently.


[edit] Choosing a name

Experience has shown that the best name to use is firstname middlename surname followed by a Roman numeral suffix if needed, for example, Charles Sharp Middleton I. You should always use her maiden name for women when creating her page unless you have no idea what her maiden name was. You should use her married name in the lastname field.

[edit] Method

  1. New pages include the Person and one Marriage template automatically. However, you can select and copy the template from below if necessary.
  2. If an existing page has an unresolved reference (i.e., to a parent or spouse that doesn't exist yet) to the person you want to create, scroll down to the parent or spouse's name. click on it, and skip the next step
  3. If this is a new child page and no page refers to it yet, enter the name of the person in the search box and press "Go". See Help:Disambiguation for conventions regarding disambiguation of names.
  4. Either way, click on create this page and a new page will opened for you to edit. Enter what ever information you have after the "=" signs, and add any descriptive text you like. Please see Help:Fields for details about the use of each field. Note: the death field should have the date the person died if known, a "?" if unknown, and be left blank if the person is still alive. Avoid adding leading or trailing spaces, and note that the order of the fields is not important.
  5. Save the page (after previewing as often as necessary)
  6. Click on the shadow images and you will be prompted to upload an image (.png file). The thumbnails should be png files with 135x90 pixel resolution. The main photo should preferably be a png file with a resolution no higher than 540x360 (based on 72 pixels/inch or 2.8350 pixels/mm).
If you don't have tools to convert your photos to png files, email Frank and he'll convert them for you.

[edit] Marriages

Only enter marriages for one spouse. The system will find the other spouse and fill in the marriage fields automatically. If you enter it for both, the chronology will end up with a duplicate, and the marriage report will be messed up.

[edit] Maiden Names

Since (usually) women change their names when they marry, they are known by more than one name, perhaps several if they marry more than once. However their maiden name never changes. If they don't marry then they only have one name and hence one page. It is recommended that you follow this sequence for each marriage:
  1. After creating a child and entering their parents' names under father and mother (using her maiden name), save the child page and click on the father, and enter his details on the Person template.
  2. Paste a Marriage template if needed from below and fill in spouse= with the full maiden name of the spouse. When done, save the father and then click on the spouse. Fill in her details.
  3. Then navigate back to the child and go to the mother and click on her maiden name, and then fill out her page.
  4. If it is desirable to have a separate page for the mother under her married name, enter her full married name in the search box and press "go".
  5. This page simply has
    #REDIRECT [[full maiden name]]
    as the only line (do not hit the return key - the cursor should be at the end of the line). Obviously a second child would use the same parent information as the first - hint: copy and paste the first child into the second...

[edit] Unknown names

If you don't plan to make a Wiki entry at all for an unknown father or mother, leave the father/mother field empty, or set it to "unknown". If you only know the mother's first name, and nothing else, use her married name if you plan to make a page for her. You should always make a page for a parent even if you know nothing about them but their first name. Who knows - maybe someone will find the name through Google and have some information to add.

[edit] Children

Since childrens' pages have references to their parents there's no reason for the parent pages to have references to their children. The software displays a list of children automatically, so don't include references to children at all unless you have no intention of creating a Wiki page for them

[edit] Accreditation

See below for an example of how to use the Bio fields and how to be accredited for your page.

[edit] Templates

As noted, these are now included in new pages automatically, although you may need additional marriage templates. You should always include a Marriage template even if it is empty, because the system will note that and search for a spouse. The meaning of all of these fields is documented in great detail.

[edit] Person

Copy and paste this into your new page if it's not already there - you should never have to do this.


[edit] Marriage

Copy and paste this once for each marriage


[edit] Brief Biography

This goes at the end of the page. You can change Genealogy to Biography or anything else that seems appropriate. Change yourname to, well, your (login) name, and you will be accredited for this page.
Put all your free form text here

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