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[edit] Schedule

Backups are done daily[1] and weekly
  1. Daily at 2:10 AM EDT (6:10 AM UTC) the database is dumped to a local file [2] (i.e., on the ISP's host system).
  2. Daily at 2:17 AM EDT (6:10 AM UTC) the database dump is copied[3] over a secure link to a remote site[4].
  3. Weekly on Saturdays at 2:37 AM EDT (6:37 AM UTC) an dump is made of the entire site, including the latest database dump, to an offsite NFS server [5] by crontab jobs running on another [6] server.
  4. Daily at 2:47 AM EDT (6:47 AM UTC) the create-tree and update-index program is run to make the Family Tree and Help:Index.
These jobs are run from a remote server [7] over a secure link and are timed so that the weekly backup will include the latest database dump.

[edit] Crontab

47 2 * * 0-6 update tree and index
10 2 * * 0-6 database dump
17 2 * * 0-6 database dump copied to remote site
37 2 * * 6   full sitewide backup of all Apogeect hosted sites including this one.

[edit] Notes

  1. You might want to avoid doing updates before 7AM GMT
  2. So the ISP remains a single point of failure
  3. Leaving a 5 minute window vulnerable to a ISP failure
  4. All disks on all machines, both local and remote, are mirrored
  5. Running GNU/LINUX - Red Hat Fedora
  6. Sun Sparc system running Solaris
  7. The servers may be down occasionally, in which case no local or remote backups will occur

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