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Mrs. Hannah Elbro Middleton née Brown — 




First Name:


Middle Names:


Last Name:


Father:  Joseph Brown

Mother:  Unknown

Born:       circa 1835

at: Tottenham London, England

Died:     Mar Q. 1893[1]

at: Strand, England

Profession: Lace maker

Hannah Elbro Brown has 1 child listed here:  Henry Saffory Middleton 

Married once 
   Saffory Middleton II  at: St. Martins Westminster, England on 28 Sep 1858[1];
Married John Young Gray at: St.John's Fitzroy Square St.Pancras, London, England on 18 May 1872
Married William Southwell at: St.George Bloomsbury London, England on 19 Oct 1874



It would appear that Hannah remarried after the death of Saffory, according to the BMD in 1872 name of spouse unknown at present.

Saffory, age 50, in 1851, was a coachbuilder, his father, deceased, being a Master Tailor. His first wife, Barbara, having produced a good big family, died Jun Q.,1854,St Martins and he married (ii), Hannah Elbro Brown, who claimed to be 25, Sep 28, 1858,St Martins. One child, Henry Saffory, has been traced,born Aug 12, 1862, Holborn. Saffory Senior, died, Mar Q.,1867,Holborn. Hannah E. Middleton then married (ii) John Young Gray, June Q.,, 1872, Pancras. No children have been found, and John Young died, Dec Q.,1873, aged 39, Strand. As Hannah Elbro Gray,she married (iii) eitherWilliam Southwell, or William Henry Murphy, St Giles,Dec Q.,1874. The other bride was Julia Gooding, in case we can find either couple in 1891.

Updated 10 Feb 2008 by Oliver St.John with additional information from Pat Hills, a researcher, who found Julia Murphy. This means that it was Hannah Elbro Southwell; they were all 4 married as below:

Hannah Elbrow (sic) GRAY, died Mar Q., 1893 (source: FreeBMD)

Marriages Jan Q., 1872

Gray John Young Pancras 1b 222
MIDDLETON Hannah Elbro Pancras 1b 222
Monday Mary Pancras 1b 222
MORDAY Mary Pancras 1b 222
Wolsey James Pancras 1b 222

John Y. Gray died DecQ., 1873, Strand

Marriages Dec 1874

Gooding Julia St. Giles 1b 844
Gray Hannah Elbro St. Giles 1b 844
Murphy William Henry St. Giles 1b 844
Southwell William St. Giles 1b 844
William Southwell died, aged 65. Mar Q.,1876, St Giles 1 b 401
Hannah Southwell reverted to her surname Gray when she died:
Hannah Elbrow Gray. aged 58, Mar Q., 1893 Strand. 1 b 459

Barbara Middleton died in June Q.,1854 St Martin’s, and Saffory, as a widower, married Hannah Elbro Brown., aged 25, a lacemaker,

St Martin’s-in-the-Fields , Sep 28,1858. .One child has been traced, Henry Saffory, born Aug 12, 1862, Saffory died, Mar Q., 1867. Holborn. Hannah then married, secondly, Jan Q.,1872, Pancras, John Young Gray, who died Dec Q.,1873. She then married, thirdly, Dec Q., 1874, St Giles,.William Southwell, who died Mar Q., 1876. As Hannah Elbrow Gray, she died, aged 58, Mar Q. 1893, Strand.
  1. Death registered Mar Q. 1893, aged 58, Strand (Registry book 1b page 459)

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