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Dr. George Paul Anning MRCS— 




First Name:


Middle Names:


Last Name:




Father:  John Bond Anning

Mother:  Jane Paul

Born:       15 Mar 1873

at: Holloway, Islington, Middlesex, England

Bapt:       ?

at: Leeds, England

Died:     30 Aug 1953

at: Leeds, England

George Paul Anning has 3 children listed here:  Antony Frederick Paul Anning  • Katherine Joan Anning  • Richard Martin Haigh Anning 

Married Clara Evelyn Haigh at: Otley, Yorkshire, England on 15 Oct 1904



George Paul Anning,b. Jun Q.,1873,Holloway, Mddx. A Doctor, MRCS, died Aug 30,1953,Leeds.

George Paul Anning mnarried Clara Evelyn Haig, Dec Q.,.1904, with children Katherine Joan Anning. b.Jun Q.,1907.and Richard Martin Hugh Anning, b. Mar Q.,1910, Leeds., a Doctor.

George Paul Anning married Evelyn Haig, in 1904, with two children,Richard Martin Hugh Anning, a doctor, and Katherine Joan Anning. George died.Leeds Aug 30, 1953. Jane Anning died, Dec Q., 1925, aged 86, Malvern, Worcestershire.

George Paul Anning,MRCS. b. Mar 15,1873, Islington, died Aug 30, 1953.Married Clara Evelyn Haigh, ( b. ca 1871), Oct 5, 1904, Otley, Yorks. Clara’s father was Frederick Haigh, Manufacturing Chemist,died 1974.

They had children;

Antony Frederick Paul Anning, b. 1905, Leeds,Leeds, died 1931, RAF Cranwell. Katherine Joan Anning, b. Dec 4,1907, Leeds, married Frederick Terras, Mar Q., 1931, Katherine died Nov 9, 1998, Knutsford, Cheshire. Frederick died 1974, Knutsford. Richard Martin Haigh Anning, doctor, b. Jan 14, 1910, Leeds, married Margaret MacDonald,1932, Headingley,Leeds. Richard died Jul Q., 1984, Margaret died 1995. Frederick Terras,(1904 -1974),and Katherine Joan Anning had 2 sons, Antony, b. 1938, and Christopher Richard Terras, b. 1937, Leeds. Antony Terras married Ann Cartwright, b.1938. They have a daughter, Jenny Terras, b. 1966

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