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Mr. Edward Knight — 




First Name:


Last Name:


Father:  Unknown

Mother:  Unknown

Born:       circa 1777

Died:     ?

Edward Knight has no children listed here.

Married Elizabeth Coombs on ?



Mary Crode had one daughter and died in 1777. The possible scenario was that George II, left a widow with young daughter, married again quickly, in 1778 to Lydia Slade. So did Mary Crode die in childbirth, but the baby survived and was put to fosterparents; Hence Edward Knight Gale. It seem the most likely possibility of all the other far-fetched ideas, but I think it has no place in this story, unless someone comes up with some facts

Edward Knight was born ca 1777 at Loders (1851 census). he married Elizabeth Coombs at Maiden Newton, nov 8, 1802, and they had ten children. I have lots about them, but his first (and last) appearance as Edward Knight Gale when he married is a complete mystery to all who have an interest, and there are many. I think it is wrong to include him at all, as he has not yet been shown to be related to anyone, My thought that he might have been the son of George K. II is only one of several possible scenarios, but has no hard evidence to back it up. why Gale?

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