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Category:Notes and Prefaces

[edit] Famous Prefaces[1]

The Harvard Classics. 1909–14.
Preface to Cromwell
Paras. 1–30
Victor Hugo (1827)

"On the other hand, notes and prefaces are sometimes a convenient method of adding to the weight of a book, and of magnifying, in appearance at least, the importance of a work; as a matter of tactics this is not dissimilar to that of the general who, to make his battlefront more imposing, puts everything, even his baggage-trains, in the line. and then, while critics fall foul of the preface and scholars of the notes, it may happen that the work itself will escape them, passing uninjured between their cross-fires, as an army extricates itself from a dangerous position between two skirmishes of outposts and rear-guards."

  1. But of course this quote applies only to your own work, so doesn't apply here...

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