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Category:Cities where died

This is a listing of cities where people are reported to have died, been buried or cremated. They will be only listed once, so if they died in one place but were interred elsewhere, only one city will be shown.

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10 Twerton East, in the district of Twerton, Bath, England

122 Victoria St, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia

17 King Street, Maidstone, Kent, England

23 Ruthven Ave Glandore Adelaide, Australia

43 Kingsdown Road, Hackney, London, England

43. East Bank, Hackney, London, England

44 Norfolk Road, Tonbridge, Kent, England

65 Rawson Avenue, Bexley, Sydney, Australia

7 Long Acre London, England

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Abergele, Denbighshire, England

Abergele, Wales

Alamander Private Hospital Southport, Australia

Amport, England

Amport, Hampshire, England

Amport,Hampshire, England

Andover, England

Arras, France

Ashford Kent, England

Awoingt, France

Barnet, England

Barnstable, England

Basingstoke, England

Bathurst Cemetery (age 64), Australia

Bathurst Cemetery (aged 72), Australia

Bathurst Cemetery, Australia

Bathurst CofE Cemetary, Australia

Bathurst, Australia

Bathurst, NSW, Australia

Battersea, England

Beaminster, Dorset, England

Beckenham, England

Beckenham, Kent, England

Bentwick St, Bathurst, Australia

Bethnal Green London, England

Bethnal Green, England

Bethnal Green, London, England

Bethnal Green,London, England

Bexhill on Sea, England

Birmingham, England

Blandford Dorset, England

Bloomsbury London, England

Blue Mountain, Kynetonshire. Victoria, Australia

Bombay, India

Bournemouth, England

Bow, London, England

Brasted Churchyard, Kent, England

Brasted Kent, England

Brasted, Sevenoaks, England

Brasted, Sevenoaks, Kent, England

Brent, England

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Brockton Massachusetts, USA

Bromley, England

Bromley, Kent, England

Bromley, Middlesex, England

Burton Bradstock, Dorset, England

Burwood, NSW, Australia

Camberley, England

Camberwell Lancs., England

Camberwell London, England

Camberwell, England

Camberwell, Surrey, England

Camberwell,London, England

Canterbury, England

Canterbury, Kent, England

Cape Helles,Gallipoli, Turkey

Cardiff, Wales

Carmarthenshire, Wales

Changford Devon, England

Changford, England

Changford,Devon, England

Charing Kent, England

Charing, England

Charterhouse, Hinton, Bath, England

Chatham Kent, England

Chatham, England

Chatham, Kent, England

Chatham,Kent, England

Chelsea, England

Chiddingstone, England

Chiddingstone, Kent, England

Chiddingstone, Sevenoaks, Kent, England

Chilbolton, England

Chipping Ongar, Essex, England

Chipstead, Chevening, Sevenoaks, England

Churchdown, Gloucs, England

Coker,Somerset, England

Coolum Beach, Queensland, Austrlia

Coventry, England

Cranbrook Kent, England

Cranbrook, Kent, England

Croydon Rd, Penge, England

Croydon, England

Croydon, Surrey, England

Cusop, Herefordshire, England

Dartford, England

Dartford,Kent, England

Devon, England

Dorset, England

Downton Wiltshire, England

Droxford Hampshire, England

Dubbo, Australia

Dublin, Ireland

East Chelborough,

East Dulwich, England

East Grinstead, England

East Grinstead, Surrey, England

Eastbourne, England

Eastbourne, UK

Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire, England

Edmonton,London, England

Eindhoven, Holland

Elham Kent, England

Enderby, British Columbia, Canada

England, England

Epsom, England

Everleigh, Wiltshire, England

Ewelme Oxfordshire, England

Ewelme, England

Faversham Kent, England

Faversham, England

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