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Dr. Alexander Hansard — 




First Name:


Last Name:


Father:  Unknown

Mother:  Unknown

Born:       circa 1756

at: Bristol, England

Died:     05 Nov 1838[1]

at: Charterhouse, Hinton, Bath, England

Profession: Apothecary & Surgeon.

Worked at: Hinton Charterhouse, near Bath, England

Alexander Hansard has 7 children listed here:  Anne Agar Hansard I  • Eliza Caroline Agar Hansard  • Frederick Agar Hansard I  • George Agar Hansard  • Harriet Agar Hansard  • Mary Anne Agar Hansard  • Nestor Agar Hansard I 

Married Nancy Weekly on circa 1795



Alexander HANSARD, b. 1756 in perhaps Ireland? Occupation Apothecary & Surgeon. He married Nancy WEEKLY, married Abt 1795; b. Abt 1774 in Bristol, Somerset; d. 25 Feb 1852 in Bath - Vol 5c Page 488, age 78 Twerton; Cause influenza, attended by Harriet Agar HANSARD. Alexander died 5 Nov 1838 in Charterhouse, Hinton, Bath, vol 11 page 36. 1814 address: Redcliff Parade, Bristol. Age on death certificate = 82 years. which means be was born around 1756. Cause of death, disease of the Bladder. Place, Charterhouse. Hinton. Sub-district of Tiverton, County Somerset.

Mathews New Bristol Directory for 1797 lists:- Alexander Hansard. Surgeon, Apothecary, Medicine(A) Medicine (M), Lawrence Hill BRISTOL - 1799-1801 lists NewfoundIand St, 1801-1804-No entry, 1805-1811, Castle Green - 1812-Moorefields. 1814- Gloucester Lane. 1815 Ki1ne Lane, 1816 College Street. At xxxxxxxxxxx (6 Grosvenor Place - have photo on disk. Could be Frederick Agar Hansard)

Listed in Burke's Commoners of Great Britain &. Ireland - also Dictionary of National Biography - Vol 1-20, 22 record - also Red Book of the Exchequor - record

His will. signed in 1833. was proved at the Archidiaconal Court of Wells on March 6, 1839. Six children specifically named. George was left 20 pounds as be was already well established. (Recent research finds him listed in the Times 1838 as a Bankrupt) Ann Agar only receives her share conditionally, on the grounds that she be indigent or in needy circumstances. A merchant's address is given as 4 Hansard Place, Blackfriar's Rd - another at No 11, around 1830. Nancy: 1841 Census lists her born 1781 Bristol, Somerset - Parish Charterbouse Hinton, Somerset Also listed, Harriett Hansard born c 1811 Possibly married about 1795

1851 Census lists Anne, head, widow, houseowner, b c 1781, Bristol- plus Harriet, aged 30. born c182I, Bristol (Dau) - 3 G/Daughters. all born Montacute -Blanche Sarah, aged 4, b 1847. Katherine,aged 12, at school b 1839 - Margaret. B 1845.


Little is known about this branch of the Hansard family. No biographical notes of any consequence have been found, and the family moved around at a time when information is difficult to trace. Bristol is also notoriously difficult to search, because of the number and complexity of the parishes around 1800. Alexander Hansard, surgeon, of Bristol and Charterhouse Hinton, was born about 1756, in that he died, aged 82, on November 5th, 1838. His wife, Nancy Weekly Hansard, died in 1852, at the age of 78, so was born about 1774, These facts are consistent with a marriage in 1795.

The Bristol Directories give the following addresses, under the heading "Medical, Physic etc":

1797 Lawrence Hill 1812 Moorefields
1799 - 1801 Newfoundland Street 1814 Gloucester Lane
1802 - 1804 No entry 1815 Lime Kiln Lane
1805 - 1811 Castle Green 1816 College Street

There is no later trace in Bristol, apart from an entry in the 1851 Census, giving the birth-place of Mary, his daughter, as Bristol. In 1827, his son Frederick gave his address as Charterhouse Hinton, and it is assumed that this was the family home until Alexander died in 1838. His widow stayed on and was there, with her daughter, in 1841. No trace has been found in 1851, and Nancy Weekly died in 1852 at 10 Twerton East, in the district of Twerton, Bath.

There were apparently seven children, of which six were specifically named as such in Alexander"s will, signed in 1833, and proved at the Archidiaconal Court of Wells on March 6th, 1839. The eldest was George Agar Hansard, author of "The Book of Archery", London, 1840, and "Trout and Salmon fishing in Wales" , London 1834. He was born about 1796, and he married, on July 24th 1817, Jane Racster, by licence, when he was described as a gentleman, bachelor, of St Paul"s parish. Various publications refer to him as Eliza"s brother though he is not listed as one of the children between whom Alexander"s estate was to be divided, but he was left a sum of £20. This omission may have been on the grounds that he was already well established. Perhaps Jane his wife, had private means. On the same basis, Ann Agar only receives her share, conditionally, on the grounds that she be indigent or in needy circumstances.

Eliza Caroline Agar Hansard, born in Kingswood, on the edge of Bristol, about 1797, married James Augustus St.John in December 1819. She was present at her sister"s Ann"s wedding on April 27, 1819. She is said to have been a lady of great beauty and accomplishments. She died in London in 1867.

Dr Alexnder Hansard,had 7 children. The two relevant ones are: Eliza (sic) caroline Agar Hansard , b.ca 1797, Kingswood, Bristol married James Augustus St.John, Dec 22 1819, St Anne"s Soho.

Mary Agar Hansard, as on marriage cert, b.. ca1806 ,m, Percy Bolingbroke St J. April 16, 1841, St James, Clerkenwell.

Nancy Weekly Hansard died Feb 23, 1852.

Dr Alex Hansard worked in Bristol until at least 1816, and later moved and retired to Charterhouse Hinton,; he died Nov 5,1838, Bath

  1. Death registered 05 Nov 1838, Charterhouse, Hinton, Bath (Vol 11 Page 36) England

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